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Be captivated every evening with the BRASECUE!

A true life-changer for you, your friends and your loved ones.

An exceptional product for you.

The meeting of a BBQ and a brazier: perfectly designed for simple and easy use. 

the meeting of a BBQ and a brazier - le brasecue

We’re talking about a brand new concept. Haven’t heard of it? Why not give it a try?

We offer you a three weeks free trial. 

Timeless and permanent, the Brasecue is a decorative lifestyle item, made for years of use.

A 10 years long guarantee thanks to its construction and our choice of materials.

It is an exclusive product shared by a privileged few.

A new experience each time.

Each BRASECUE is numbered and only 999 models will be released with this series.

A campfire chest designed to perfection.

My ambition: to amplify sensations


Le Brasecue - Le feu de camp dans son écrin from Brasecue on Vimeo.

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