BRASECUE is the unusual encounter of a brazier and a barbeque with all the joys of a campfire of a campfire

It’s the centrepiece of the party. The Brasecue recreates that campfire atmosphere and gives your gatherings that warmth and conviviality that only fire can provide, now contained within a chest.

A designer object of exquisite taste, it combines simplicity and sophistication: a black diamond in flames enclosed within a treasure chest.

A real fire contained within a chest, the Brasecue gives you that special campfire feeling. Invite all your loved ones to cosy up by the fire on your patio, by the swimming pool or in any outdoor space.

It transforms every moment into pure emotion, whatever the season. Put the world to rights in the middle of winter, gathered around the campfire.

I worked in several different trades, and made many of my dreams reality.

The idea for this new concept came to me one sunny autumn evening. I was on my patio, enjoying the moment, soaking up the last rays of sunshine, and admiring the view. The wintery chill of the night air made me long for a fire.

At that moment memories from my youth came flooding back to me: campfires, sleeping under the stars, spending the evening strumming a guitar, singing a Beatles or Dylan song, always in good company, gathered around a fire which keep us warm and brings us closer together.

Then it came to me: I had to recreate the authenticity of the campfire, with all the convenience of modern comfort and easy use.

A love story between form and function, the concept had to be harmonious with the beauty of the nature around me.

After various attempts and prototypes, we finally found the right proportions and aesthetic.

It’s a jewel you can personalise permanently, replacing the BRASECUE coat of arms with a design of your choice


Human beings need a real campfire.

Although we generally do not need fire to keep us warm, we still have that inner desire.

The Brasecue brings you a real campfire that warms the ambiance as well as your friends and loved ones. It is the guarantee of a common experience.

Rediscover the pleasure of having a drink by a fire controlled to your liking, cooking dishes specially prepared for your guests, or listening to your favourite song with that special someone in your arms, watching the flames and stars above.

It will be a new experience, each time.

My ambition: to amplify sensations

The Brasecue is entirely designed, crafted and manufactured in France.

When it comes to conception, efficiency and quality, no one comes close!

Each Brasecue is unique, each coming with its own individual series number from 1 to 999.

The high quality of materials used for the Brasecue, with its 10mm corten body and 10mm enamelled stainless steel cooking grids, guarantees reliability and longevity. This baby weighs some 115kg!

It comes with a 10 years long guarantee.

The Brasecue is easy to use. It comes with all necessary utensils for your convenience. View the assembly instructions.

Like a real campfire or fireplace, it is fuelled with wooden logs up to 60cm in length.

Thanks to its design and construction, the Brasecue conserves and diffuses the heat from the burning logs.

The generous size of the cooking grid allows you to cook food to your taste, depending on their arrangement on the cooking plate and the burning of the fire.

Turn your evenings with friends and family into unforgettable moments of pure joy around the heat of a campfire in a chest.

State of the art technology for perfect cooking results

Designed and manufactured in France, part of a limited series, the Brasecue combines state of the art technology, research and design. With a 10mm enamelled stainless steel or corten frame, it provides a thermal inertia perfect for warming you up and for the preparation of food.

The specialised design of the enamelled stainless steel grill brings together the benefits of cooking on a grill with the added advantage of an open fire.

All your vegetable skewers, steaks and toasted marshmallows will have that unmistakeable taste of joy and happiness…

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