A brazier and a barbecue...

Perfect for that cosy atmosphere, the Brasecue will keep all your outdoor gatherings going on late into the night during every season.

Whether used as a barbecue, brazier, or a decorative object, the Brasecue will never cease to amaze your friends and family, quickly becoming the focal point of all your parties and get-togethers.

Rediscover the joy of gathering round the fire, keeping warm, listening to the crackling of the flames and the sizzling of barbecued skewers on the grill… All of this from the one appliance

A new experience each time.

Brasecue, the campfire in a chest

Invented by a Frenchman and manufactured in France, the Brasecue comes from the imagination of Cedric Simon. Once having made his first Brasecue, he decided to share it with everyone who, like him, has a love of campfires, nights under the stars and dinners with friends and family.

With the help and technical prowess of an expert artisan blacksmith, Cedric Simon finally opted for 10mm thick corten steel for the Brasecue’s structure. The quality of production is unparalleled.

The cooking grids and ember bed are made of enamelled stainless steel.

These materials are reliable and strong and guaranteed 10 years long.

The Brasecue is a thoughtfully crafted designer object. Each model is unique and comes with its own individual series number.

An excellent thermal inertia, keeping you warm throughout the evening and allowing perfect cooking, grilling, searing, and frying for all sorts of food, giving it that unmistakable barbecue taste and aroma[C1] .

No device will be able to compete on the unique cooking quality of the BRASECUE

The cubic form with its clean lines is perfect for stocking with big logs up to 60cm in length… Just like a real campfire, but with the added beauty of the metalwork, emblazoned with the Brasecue coat of arms or your own design, if you wish!


brasero et barbecue design en corten

Safety and Strength

Before enjoying your evening, always remember that safety comes first.

The Brasecue comes with a 10-years guarantee

All furniture comes with a 5-year guarantee.

Unless otherwise indicated, all products are designed and manufactured by French artisans and companies.

The most fashionable outdoor item of the moment

The Brasecue has already won the hearts of many people, restaurants and luxury guesthouses thanks to its impressive design and fantastic cooking potential.

brasero de luxe sur la plage - brasecue

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